Samsung has added another player into game, the Samsung Gear VR. This player has some brand new, sleek tricks up its sleave. The aim of the Gear VR is to create a substantial experience for its fellow fans and to take us to a different, new and virtual world.
The Gear VR features a Super AMOLED display with a wide field of view of 96′ degrees, precise head-tracking and a low latency. All of that bundled into one delivers great performance.
It also come with a foam cushioning for comfortability which is essential on a Gear VR. On the side of the Gear VR is a large touchpad for accurate and easy control, all of that in just a weight of 318g.
The Gear VR allows you to stream Netflix or even to watch your own colletcions. It has a wide range of adventure games from ‘Protocol Zero’ to ‘Into The Dead’ to Adventure Time: Magic mans head games.
Have you ever dreamt of being the main character of a video game or atleast being part of a video? Well the Gear VR makes that dream come true.